CCD Info/Schedule

St. Gregory the Great Religious Education program assists parents in the ongoing religious education of their children.  Our program strives to nurture the development of the spiritual growth of each student.  We are dedicated to the youth and families of our parish as we all continue our faith journey.
CCD Registration for September - We are currently taking registrations for all NEW students (grades 1 – 10) entering our CCD/ Religious education program for September .
If your child was not baptized at St. Gregory a baptismal certificate will be required to complete the registration.  Please note: all students already in our program will automatically be reregistered for next year.
For more information or to register over the phone, please call the CCD Center at 860-589-4232, or email at [email protected].

Class Times Available

Monday and Tuesday Grades 1-5    3:45-5:00

Wednesday Grades 1-5    3:20- 4:35

Thursday Grades 1-5        4:00- 5:15

Grades 6-10     Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening   6:30- 7:30